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Here you will find the most up-to-date documents and information about buying and building at Woburn Park. Information is updated regularly, so you can be sure it is current. Contact us if you need more help.

Woburn Park is a premium estate nestled within The Vines, one of Perth’s most sought-after suburbs. It is made up almost exclusively of generous homesites, most around a quarter of an acre, plud a select few cottage lots designed for low maintenance living.

Woburn Park wraps around a pristine Bush Forever site to the east, with Banksia woodlands to the north. Bush Forever pockets of land are set aside to preserve flora and fauna that are central to Perth’s biodiversity. To complement these, conservation wetlands within the estate have been incorporated into sensitively-designed, extensive public open space areas.

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Woburn Park, sensibly sustainable and designed for modern life

Sensibly sustainable

We bring sustainability into our communities right from the beginning. Each village is laid out to allow as many homes as possible to take advantage of a passive solar aspect. 

Helpful Design Guidelines

Our design guidelines encourage new homeowners to adopt sustainable practices and ensure each house fits well with its neighbours and with the surrounding natural environment.


Design Guidelines

In keeping with the bush setting of Woburn Park, LWP has developed building guidelines that encourage design elements and finishes using earthy colours and materials such as timber and stone, as well as the use of local plants in garden designs.

Our design guidelines encourage new homeowners to adopt sustainable practices and ensure the whole neighbourhood is not only varied but is also beautiful and suited to the surrounding natural environment. That way, you get to live, work and play in a place that’s the best it can be.

Our guidelines also show how you can save money and the environment by adopting sustainable practices when you build, and when it comes time to set up your new home and garden.


Your Local Council

For information on security services, shire rates or council policies please contact the City Of Swan.

Telephone: General enquiries: 9267 9267
Location: City of Swan Administration
2 Midland Square Midland 6056

Ellenbrook Place Office

Need help? Contact us - Call 08 9297 9999 or contact us. We're very happy to assist.
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Plans & Information for Buyers

Help if your coming from overseas

Foreign Investment Review Board

If you are not a resident of Australia and wish to purchase land there are special conditions that apply.  Please notify LWP at time of signing if you are not an Australian resident.

For further information, please contact the Foreign Investment Review Board
c/o Department of the Treasury
Langton Crescent, Canberra ACT 2600
Telephone: (02) 6263 3795
Fax: (02) 6263 2940

Lodging your building plans

Once you have decided on your home design, you will need to submit your final plans into LWP for approval. This is to ensure that every home in Trinity is of a standard that contributes to the overall quality of the development. This helps to protect your investment in your home and contributes to positive capital growth for homeowners.

Before you lodge your new home plans with the Shire of Wanneroo, you are required to obtain Design Approval from LWP. 

The LWP Design Approval process is as follows:

  1. Ensure when designing your home you refer to the requirements outlined in the design guidelines, contract of sale, individual lot plan and detailed area plan (DAP) if applicable.
  2. Upon completion of your design, submit in PDF format to LWP (
    • One A3 set of plans including site plan, floor plan/s and elevations including setbacks, levels, key dimensions, roof pitches and materials.
    • A completed Scheduled of External Materials (Annexure “C”).
  3. LWP will issue a design approval where plans appropriately comply or provide comments where a design may not comply (Allow 7-10 working days).
  4. Upon receipt of an approval from LWP, seek relevant approval from the City of Swan.

There is no charge to obtain LWP’s approval.

Bushfire Management

The Bushfire Management Plan aims to achieve a reduction in the occurrence of uncontrolled bush fires and minimise potential impacts on life and property. This document quantifies the bush fire hazard and assessing the risk and documenting bush fire prevention requirements to provide ongoing protection to future residents.

Bush Fire Management Plan



Overall Concept Plan
Sales Plans
Landscaping and fencing

Fencing, Landscaping + Technology Connections

Please contact the contractors listed below 6 WEEKS prior to having key hand over of your home.

The contractors will need an email version of your site plan, if you do not have a copy available, LWP can forward one to the contractor on your behalf.

After you have made contact with the relevant contractors, they will liaise with you directly in regards to installation time frames.

BOUNDARY FENCING - Treacy Fencing  9409 9022.  This contractor will install your pinelap boundary fencing.

LANDSCAPING - Instant Gardens - 9303 9920. Instant Gardens will undertake your front yard landscaping package.

If your property is located on a corner and/or a cottage lot, please also make contact with the contractors listed below.

CORNER LOTS - Suburban Streetscapes - 0439 942 646. Suburban Streetscapes will install your brick masonry corner wall.

COTTAGE LOTS - Suburban Streetscapes - 0439 942 646. Suburban Streetscapes will install your brick masonry laneway wall.

Feature Fencing = 9272 9000.  Feature Fencing will install the street portion of fencing dividing you and your neighbours front gardens.

Refer to your Land Sales Contract for the the applicable telecommunications provider.

TELSTRA FIBRE OPTIC CONNECTION - Telstra - 1800 008 994.  Please contact to arrange connection from the street to your home.  We suggest contacting them AT LEAST two weeks prior to moving in.

NBN -  please contact your provider. These can also be found at Your service provider will coordinate a time for NBN Co equipment to be installed (if not done already) and your service activated.  Further NBN information please call 1800 687 626.

Disclaimer; please note

Please always refer to the covenants and design guidelines in the land sales contract as they will take precedence over any other documentation.